General rules:

* Every player keeps the undermentioned rules if he plays on the Alpha Team server.
* Every Alpha Team member has [AT] tag in front of his nickname. For better lucidity it is good to have a nationality behind the nickname (CZ for Czech players).
* The official language on the Alpha Team servers is Czech. Slovak and English are tolerated.
* Teamspeak 3 or voicechat are used for communication.
* If player is dead he must not speak to others. He can use textchat only (it is allowed because live players can’t see what dead player types).
* The Alpha Team servers use teamrespawn, Vietnam mode and Vietnam chat mode. The game difficulty is Vietnam. Friendly fire is active.

Game rules:

* Basic game rule: Be always sure you don’t shoot at your team-mate!
* Airstrike is not allowed. It wouldn’t be possible to use it every time in reality and moreover a handmap is not working in some maps so it isn’t possible to designate the airstike target. Last but not least airstrike could endanger team-mates. Class of radioman is prohibited directly in server setting.
* Sniper is also prohibited directly in server setting because the playing with sniper is too easy and the mission is boring for other players.

Rules regarding weapons:

* It is possible to use any weapons except Sten and S&W pistol (because of silencer).
* It is possible to use any available enemy weapon (except rifles with sniperscope and weapons with silencer). But player should inform team-mates about it because he could be regarded as enemy and team-mate could kill him by mistake.
* It is prohibited to have a bayonet permanently on a weapon. Using of the bayonet is allowed only to the extent necessary. Bayonet may be on a rifle only in specific situations, eg. in narrow tunnels, passageways and canyons it can be used by pointman.
* Grenades are always used as a last option, if it isn’t possible to eliminate an enemy by gunfire or knife. Awkwardly thrown grenade can endanger team-mates and too frequent throwing the grenades only increases the likelihood of the same enemy reaction.
* Grenade traps and Claymores are used as defensive means. Engineer should always inform other team members about their location.

It is strictly prohibited (violation = kick or ban) :

* Cheating
* Rejoining after death (except the case when the killed player hasn’t killed any enemies yet)
* Teamkilling
* Disobedience of serveradmin orders