Alpha Team was founded at the end of May 2007 as reaction to the fact that on-line playing of coop mode in Czech game Vietcong began to decline somewhat after four years. Surely, sometimes it was possible to find some servers where at least 4-5 players were playing, which was an imaginary minimum for pleasant playing, but it was often possible to meet some players there who preferred Rambo-style. Which means frantic barging in map without any covering, when (as well as in ATG, CTF, DM, TDM, etc.) those players try to shoot maximum number of enemies and they aren’t interested in number of own deaths.


But there are several servers where some players prefer coop mode and they try to imitate real behaviour of troops. Those servers use teamrespawn when killed player can’t return back to the game, but he has to wait until the last member of team is killed. During the waiting he can watch team-mates who are still alive and eventually learn from them. But every player prefers playing to watching how team-mates play. Therefore player has to move more tactically and cover himself more and he has to forgot about frantic barging. Game is much more real then.

But some teamrespawn coop servers are closed communities which needn’t take anybody among themselves. They have their specific rules and if player brakes them he can be kicked or banned from the server (sometimes for ever).

Lots of coop servers are out of the Czech republic and they have English as the official communication language and this fact could be a problem for somebody.

Therefore Alpha Team was founded, free association of players, who prefer teamplay on Czech server – under the rules but without purposeless prohibitions (see Rules section). But don’t be mistaken by term „Czech server“.